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Hapa Kristin
Melrose Flagship

Eye beauty meets playfulness
and innovation

We are all about taking the colored contact experience to the next level. Our store isn't just about picking out lenses; it's an adventure in eye glam!

From professional eye examinations to discovering your signature eye look with our beauty experts, we're committed to amplifying your eye beauty experience while ensuring a safe and enjoyable visit.

8022 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA, United States

TEL. (424) 202-0385

HOURS. Mon-Sun / 10:00 – 18:00


Your vision is our priority

Before you see the world in colors,
we ensure the clarity of your sight.

In partnership with Opto Bar Optometric, Inc. our Independent state licensed optometrists are on site to provide comprehensive exams, ensuring your eyes are ready for Hapa Kristin contacts. From eye health to enhancing your beauty, we've got you covered every step of the way.


Try-On Zone

No More Guessing :
Choose Your Lenses In-Person

Picture a place where you can personally select and try on lenses if they are the best fit. As any fitting room would do, try them on! In our store, you can confidently leave with your preferred monthly fitting lenses, all part of our prescription service.


Color Preview Cards

Hold up for a virtual try-on!

Explore our innovative lens preview cards for a sneak peek at your new look! Just hold them up to your eyes for an instant transformation!


Pink Photobooth

Iconic Pink Room with the Best Lighting for Perfect Photos!

Visit our iconic Pink Room, a photobooth equipped with the best lighting to capture your best moments!